‘The LEGO Batman Movie’ Review

Warner Bros. Animation seems to have struck lightning twice now with ‘The LEGO Batman Movie‘ and I couldn’t be happier. Click through to read my full review

The LEGO Batman Movie‘ is the spinoff/sequel of 2014’s highly successful ‘The LEGO Movie‘ bringing the Batman (Will Arnett) established from that movie and letting us see what life is like for him in Gotham City. The movie starts with a huge action sequence that would be the third act in most other Batman movies that leads Batman having to stop all the rogues from Batman lore. The Joker (Zach Galifianakis) leads this army and comes face to face with Batman when he interrupts his party. All the Joker wants is for Batman to admit that he is his greatest enemy, but Batman will not budge. He says he cares about nothing and nobody. Which becomes the central theme of the movie.

This might be the best character study of Batman that I’ve ever seen on screen. Outside of the comics he is just a brooding type character that is angry about his parents being dead. But, this movie never gives him anger. Beyond the massive ego and selfish attitude he is just sad. He wants a family, but knows he can never let one in because he doesn’t want to lose anybody. And not for lack of trying by Robin (Michael Cera), Alfred (Ralph Fiennes), and Barbara Gordon (Rosario Dawson). Their scenes together towards the end strike an emotional chord that was quite surprising in the best way possible.

It was by no means a sad movie though! The movie from the start is absolutely hilarious and never lets up. The opening logos are ripped directly from ‘The Dark Knight Rises‘ with voice-over supplied by Arnett that had the whole audience busting up. And that sound of the audience stayed pretty consistent throughout the entirety of the film. The movie knew exactly what it was from the start and perfectly skewered the Batman character and a good chunk of the DC universe as a whole.

The animation and action was absolutely incredible. It looked almost real enough to be stop motion, yet never enough to take you out of the movie. However, the action is very dense and fast so it was a bit disorienting at first and took some time to get used to.

The story has a great lesson, the humor is the best you’ve seen in a long time, the action is top notch and the animation is astounding. When all is said and done the movie is incredibly satisfying and I wanted to immediately see it again. Next to ‘The Dark Knight‘ it is my favorite Batman movie.


The LEGO Batman Movie‘ is directed by Chris McKay and will be released on February 10th



  1. Well said stated.
    I’d like to see more reviews from this talented young lad.
    Quite the spectacle my dear boy. Keep them going.

    -this guy 👍🏻

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