‘Get Out’ Review

Get Out‘ is the best and most original horror/thriller movie that I’ve seen since ‘The Cabin in the Woods‘. Which just so happens to be my favorite movie in the genre. Click through to read my full review

Get Out‘ is centralized around a young black man named Chris (Daniel Kaluuya) and his white girlfriend Rose (Allison Williams) going on a weekend trip to visit Roses’ parents. Chris is concerned about the possible racial tension that might ensue when meeting her parents Dean (Bradley Whitford) and Missy Armitage (Catherine Keener) since Rose hasn’t told her parents that she’s in an interracial relationship. But, Rose assures Chris that her parents are not racist because “If they could, they would’ve voted for Obama a 3rd time.” From then on it’s Chris surrounded by nothing but white people except for the 2 black servants/helpers that work for the Armitage family. A lot of racial tension and strange instances ensue as Chris begins to get paranoid about who he is surrounded by and what is going on. And that is all I can really say without jumping into spoilers.

The movie is written and directed by one half of Key&Peele, Jordan Peele. So, what’s not shocking is how he’s able to handle sensitive topics such as racism with such confidence. Key&Peele had always done the same thing, but in smaller doses. However, what is surprising is how the suspenseful and “horror” moments are handled with the same amount of skill and precision. But, the main thing that I think makes this movie connect the way that it does is through the comedic elements peppered throughout. The comedy kind of lulls you to a sense of thinking “Everything is ok in this situation because I’m laughing.” That is not the case for this movie. All the laughs that don’t come from Chris’ friend Rod (Lil Rel Howery) are mainly from the awkwardness/strangeness of the situation.

Without touching any spoilers of the movie, the third act is worth the price of admission alone. The “reveal” is excellently executed and had my whole theater in a nervous panic. Even though the movie did fall into some classic horror tropes, I was willing to overlook those due to how invested I was in what was happening. And Chris’ friend Rod almost steals the movie. He is a very funny character, but also acts as the voice for the audience as the movie goes on. He’s saying what we’re thinking the whole movie even when what we’re thinking is crazy.

This film was part comedy, part thriller, part horror. But, the horror element isn’t the normal horror that you think of. It’s more of a paranoia than anything. But makes you feel horrified from an outsiders perspective. The main thing I took away from it was how it showed the small things that people say or do to try to prove they’re not racist/bigoted. I’ve heard the argument “Well, I voted for Obama…” and “One of my best friends is…” which don’t necessarily mean anything. And this movie puts you in the shoes of who you’re telling this to and how absurd it sounds. Being a straight white male I can’t say that I’ve been discriminated against in my life, so it’s a bit difficult for me to say that I relate or understand what Chris was going through. Or what minorities go through in general in real life. But, this movie did help me to see all the things that are right in front of me from their perspective without beating me over the head like most other movies would do when on this subject. Which I think is the highest compliment that can be paid to this movie. I can’t wait to see what Peele has lined up next because someone with such a distinct voice and talent in mainstream media doesn’t come around often.


Get Out‘ is written and directed by Jordan Peele and is currently in theatres

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