‘Kong: Skull Island’ Review

Kong: Skull Island‘ is a blast! What the movie lacks in story, which is plenty, it mostly makes up for in pure visual splendor and fantastic moments that needs to be seen on the biggest screen possible. Click through to read my full review

Kong: Skull Island‘ picks up in 1973 right when the United States is pulling its troops out of Vietnam. Two employees from Monarch (John Goodman and Corey Hawkins) are hounding the US government for more funding so they can explore an uncharted island in hopes of finding something incredible before the possibility of the Russians finding it first. Of course, they get approved and go on a bit of a recruiting mission to find the crew that will escort them into this wild land. From there we might Captain Packard (Samuel L Jackson) and his squadron of soldiers who are about to be sent home from Vietnam, but they are pulled into do one last mission for Monarch. And then we meet the Tracker (Tom Hiddleston) and the anti-war photographer (Brie Larson) who will also be accompanying the crew on this endeavor. From there we make it to the island and meet the star of the movie, Kong himself. Standing on two legs he towers over everything around him. Almost God-like than ape. And he is not happy to see these helicopters flying in his domain. Chaos and destruction ensues.

Firstly, let me say that this movie is WEIRD. And I mean that in a good way. It is the most original King Kong movie you have ever seen. The marketing has not done the movie justice in terms of how out there it is for a massive blockbuster. It almost plays out like an anime once we get to the island. And for a movie about a monster it is very bright and full of eye popping colors. Almost the exact opposite of ‘Godzilla‘ from 2014. It feels like it’s using the same color pallet as ‘Mad Max Fury Road‘ to really pull you into the world. The imagery and production design put forth will keep you interested on their own, which is no small feat. Cinematographer, Larry Fong, really put together some amazing shots. So many in fact that you could practically pause the movie at any given moment and have a pretty sweet computer wallpaper.

Now, Kong is undoubtedly the main character. Yes, we see the humans more than we do Kong, but this is definitely his movie. Which is part of the main problem I have with the movie. Despite Kong, Captain Packard, and the fantastic character Hank Marlow (John C Reilly), I couldn’t give you another characters’ name. I turned to my friend when the credits were rolling and told him I couldn’t remember the names of any of the other characters and he realized that he could not either. But, at the same time I didn’t really care about any of the human characters, except for Marlow. He was the only one that actually had any depth to his character. Every other character was just a job description and nothing deeper than that.

However, don’t even go into the movie expecting much story. And you shouldn’t in the first place. This movie is a classic B-movie in a great way! It never takes itself too seriously, keeps the tone light, and knows that you’re paying to see Kong with unique monsters/creatures. In that respect it succeeds tremendously! It was a lot of fun watching this movie in IMAX (which is the way I recommend to see it) and I was thoroughly excited by the amazing action and visuals that were put on screen. Plus, a movie can’t be that bad when you let Samuel L Jackson monologue all over the place. Despite the lack of character development and story, the movie is still a very unique blockbuster with some of the coolest visuals you’ve seen since ‘Fury Road‘. It needs to be seen with a bucket of popcorn and some friends!


Kong: Skull Island‘ is directed by Jordan Vogt-Roberts and opens in theaters March 10th

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